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Good gut health for better performance.

Intense sports training can lead to setbacks from illness and weakened immunity, adding to that sports supplements can cause gut discomfort. GutGo protein shake, with Benicaros precision prebiotic, supports both immune and gut health for people engaging in intense training. It reduces common cold symptoms by 20-33% and shortens duration by 28-43%, while consistently improving the gut microbiome composition in every type of gut.

Boost your immunity

Caregivers juggle multiple responsibilities, often leading to heightened stress levels and weakened immune systems. According to research caregivers often experience higher levels of stress, which can weaken the immune system and make them more susceptible to illnesses1. CareGuard Immune Boost, a gummy supplement enriched with vitamins and the precision prebiotic Benicaros, addresses this challenge. Whether you're a parent or tending to the sick and elderly, CareGuard supports your wellness, ensuring you remain strong and capable of caregiving.
1 Caregiving alters immunity and stress hormones: a review of recent research - ScienceDirect 

Revitalize your gut, energize your life

Modern lifestyles can take a toll on gut health, causing digestive problems and low energy. VitalGut is a breakthrough energy shot beverage crafted with only natural ingredients to support gut function and boost energy levels. It’s powered by the Benicaros which improves the gut microbiome in every type of gut and trains the innate immune system to respond smarter, faster and stronger. It enhances overall well-being whilst providing a sustainable source of energy to fuel your day.

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