Immune health main concern for consumers
Two-thirds (66%) of consumers worldwide say immune health is their top health priority. Consumers also expect clinically proven solutions that help them reach their health goals safely, effectively and naturally. Read more about these and other insights in our latest consumer insights report.
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NutriLeads is Award Winning
BeniCaros® is a Double Winner at NutraIngredients-USA 2022 Industry Award and Winner of the 2022 Nutrition Industry Executive award for the Immune Health category.
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Partnering with DSM to make products with purpose
NutriLeads has partnered with DSM to accelerate the availability of BeniCaros to U.S. consumers through innovative new premixes and market-ready solutions.
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Our Company

Health Ingredients Innovator

We develop natural, plant-based ingredients with scientifically and clinically proven health benefits that meet growing consumer demands.

Our first product, BeniCaros®, is an immune health ingredient with a unique dual mode of action that both prepares innate immune cells and stimulates beneficial gut microorganisms that support immune responses.

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Our ingredients

A growing portfolio

Based on our plant-derived-RG-I platform we are building a portfolio of natural ingredients with clinically and scientifically proven health benefits to meet top consumer demands.

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Productive partnerships

We work with food, beverage and dietary supplement partners to bring our ingredients’ scientifically substantiated health benefits to consumers.

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Benefits of BeniCaros®

BeniCaros®: Immune health benefits that make a difference

Our first commercially available RG-I-based health ingredient is BeniCaros®, leading the immune health innovation for global consumers. This award-winning natural, immune health ingredient is extracted from the cell wall of upcycled carrot pomace. It is clinically proven to train the immune system to respond faster and more efficiently when challenged. It has a unique dual mode of action that both prepares innate immune cells and stimulates beneficial gut microorganisms that support immune response.



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18 - 19 April 2023

SupplySide East


Attending: Joana Carneiro, Steve Meredith


7 - 11 March 2023

Natural Products Expo West


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2 – 3 November 2022

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29 September 2022

Webinar “The impact of immune health in the post-pandemic environment and understanding the shift in consumer behavior”

Organised by FMCG Gurus and Nutrileads

Presenting: Ruud Albers