Enabling Better Health via the Gut Microbiome

NutriLeads develops and supplies award-winning, plant-based, precision prebiotic fibers that are clinically proven to improve health. We work with dietary supplement and functional food and -beverage manufacturers to create innovative product offerings, that enable consumers to proactively improve their health, naturally.

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Are you looking to boost your product portfolio with ground-breaking ingredients for gut microbiome and immune health?

Are you also looking to exceed consumer expectations by using ingredients that are all of the below?:

  • plant-based, upcycled, organic, kosher, halal, non-GMO
  • clinically proven with multiple health benefits
  • free from gluten, additives or artificial ingredients

Would it be even better if the ingredient you apply has a favorable formulation profile, meaning it:

  • has a very low daily serving-size,
  • is highly water soluble, heat and pH-stable,
  • has limited to no impact on taste, texture or odor?

Then you’ve found carrot gold...

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NutriLeads’ flagship product, Benicaros®, is an upcycled, clinically proven and low-dose precision prebiotic fiber with a dual mode of action.

Benicaros is clinically proven to train faster, smarter and stronger immune responses. But it also specifically targets beneficial gut bacteria improving the composition of the gut microbiome, which is known to have a positive impact on overall health and well-being.

Because of the unique structure of Benicaros, it is able to robustly and consistently have a positive impact on the gut microbiome, despite the differences in individual gut microbiome ecosystems, helping our customers to deliver on their product promise in every gut.

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Since its introduction in 2021, Benicaros has won several industry awards.

We enable better health through the gut, naturally.

Benicaros is clinically proven

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To meet consumer convenience Benicaros® can be added to various functional foods and beverages such as sports or dairy drinks, cereals, nutritional bars, gummies, all with little to no negative impact on taste, texture, odour or ease of consumption.

Nutrition bars

Benicaros is low-dose, highly dispersibility and has little to no impact on product taste, texture or odor making Benicaros perfect for nutritional bars.


Benicaros is highly soluble, pH-stable and has little to no impact on taste, texture, color or odor. It’s ideal for (dairy) drinks and shots.

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