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Here you can find video's and webinars related to NutriLeads.

Webinar FMCG Gurus and NutriLeads on Prebiotics

The prebiotic market continues to grow, as consumers place a high level of emphasis on addressing their digestive health and immunity in a proactive manner. This webinar examines consumer awareness, understanding, and usage of prebiotics, and what opportunities exist within the market. Also a deeper dive is taken into what prebiotics are, how they work and why not all prebiotics are the same. And why it’s important as a prebiotic supplier to show the health effects beyond gut health.

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FoodBev Media interview at FiE with Robin Hesdahl

Our Commercial Director, Robin Hesdahl, was at FiE in 2023. Here he was interviewed by FoodBev Media about NutriLeads and our flagship innovation Benicaros.

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The word of the year is 'upcycling,' now for immunity ingredients

Perhaps “upcycling” is just a fancier way of saying “waste-stream ingredient.” Either way, it’s certainly a more consumer-resonant term. In this case, NutriLeads developed the branded ingredient, Benicaros, which labels as soluble carrot fiber. Inside is the natural bioactive, RG-1, with impressive human clinical evidence showing it reduces the duration and severity of common cold symptoms. Listen in with sci guy Ruud Albers and CEO Joana Carniero.

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The impact of immune health in the post-pandemic environment

This webinar shares insights about consumer attitudes towards immune health and how their behavior and motivations evolved during COVID. As consumers take a long-term and preventative approach to immune health, this webinar identifies the most relevant consumer-focused solutions and key opportunities for brands in the immune health market in 2023 and beyond.

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