How Benicaros works

Dual mode of action for gut & immune health benefits.

Benicaros® is an innovative precision prebiotic, delivering robust, predictable, and consistent benefits for immune and gut health. These benefits are related to the structure of this prebiotic fiber.

Unlocking carrot's gold

Benicaros® is polysaccharide, scientifically known as rhamnogalacturonan-I or RG-I, belonging to the pectin family, a class of carbohydrates present in the cell walls of carrots and other crops. Its molecular structure comprises a main backbone of repeating units of galacturonic acid and rhamnose units, the latter carrying side chains of different composition and complexity, with arabinan and galactan side chains being the most abundant.

'Just-right' Molecular Structure

This unique structure is what sets Benicaros® apart from other prebiotic fibers, enabling it to provide more reliable gut health benefits. The impact of prebiotic fibers on the gut microbiota can vary based on the molecular structure and the distinct composition of microorganisms in each person’s gut. Benicaros has just the right structure to target beneficial microorganisms present in the gut of most individuals.

Why eating carrots doesn't provide the same benefits

This complex-structured cRG-I fiber resides so deeply within the carrot cell wall, that the gut is not able to properly extract it. In fact, it is nearly impossible to consume enough carrots to realize the same potential of benefits available in a small and convenient daily serving size of Benicaros®.

Benicaros ‘Superior’ in Prebiotic Comparison Study

An ex vivo study comparing the benefit of three prebiotic fibers found that only Benicaros® consistently enhanced the growth of targeted beneficial gut bacteria across all 24 subjects and improved the composition of their gut microbiota. The study utilized SIFR® technology, a validated gut digestion and fermentation simulator, to measure changes in gut microbiota composition and function.

This research demonstrated that the impact of different prebiotic fibers (Inulin, Xanthan and Benicaros) on the gut microbiota varies as it is influenced by the complexity of the fiber as well as the unique gut microbial composition in each individual. The study revealed that only Benicaros had consistently positive effects across all subjects.

Dual mode of action

Next to its gut health benefits mentioned above, Benicaros® is also clinically proven to train faster, smarter and stronger innate immune responses. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, healthy adults were given either 300 mgs of Benicaros or a placebo daily for eight weeks, after which they were exposed to a standardized dose of a mild rhinovirus via the nose.

Pivotal Clinical Study Supports Health Benefits

Researchers utilized fecal, blood, and nasal fluid samples to assess gut microbiota composition and function, count immune cells, track blood immune markers, measure immune responses and investigate gene expression. In addition, a validated clinical questionnaire (WURSS-21) was used to evaluate common cold symptom severity and duration and quality of life. The study demonstrated multiple health benefits. Benicaros® was shown to:

  • Consistently promote the growth of beneficial bacterial species, including Bifidobacterium spp. (B. longum and B. adolescentis), as well as anti-inflammatory species (e.g., F. prausnitzii, A. hallii, R. hominis), independent of varying baseline gut microbiota compositions.
  • Significantly reduce the severity and duration of symptoms and maintained quality of life following a controlled exposure to a common cold virus.

Further studies demonstrated Benicaros' ability to:

  • Achieve the twin goals of improved immune and gut health with significantly less gas production – a normal byproduct of fiber fermentation – than other prebiotics. For example, Benicaros produced 40% less gas than inulin on a per gram basis.
  • Enhance the production of short-chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate, and butyrate) that foster a resilient gut ecosystem.

For more information, read all of the scientific papers published about Benicaros’ unique structure, mechanisms of action, and clinical benefits.

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