Good gut health for better performance

Intense sports training can lead to setbacks from illness and weakened immunity, adding to that sports supplements can cause gut discomfort. GutGo protein shake, with Benicaros precision prebiotic, supports both immune and gut health for people engaging in intense training. It reduces common cold symptoms by 20-33% and shortens duration by 28-43%, while consistently improving the gut microbiome composition in every type of gut.

Fuels performance and supports gut and immune health

Athletes engaging in intense training often experience the frustration of setbacks due to illness or weakened immune systems. This can disrupt training schedules, hinder progress, and ultimately impact performance goals. Also, athletes that have a regular intake of protein and creatine supplements experience more bloating and gut discomfort. This has created a growing demand for sports nutrition products that not only fuel performance but also support gut and immune health.

Muscle recovery, gut and immune support in one

GutGo is specifically formulated to address the triple needs of muscle recovery, gut and immune support. Powered by the innovative Benicaros precision prebiotic ingredient, your protein shake can offer a great support to both the gut and the immune system of athletes. Benicaros has been proven to significantly reduce the severity (20-33%) and duration (28-43%) of symptoms from a common cold virus. Studies have also shown that Benicaros consistently improves the gut microbiome composition.

Perfect blend

GutGo comes in a convenient powder form, perfect for blending into smoothies or shakes before or after workouts. Whether you're hitting the gym, hitting the field, or pushing your limits in any sport, GutGo is your partner in achieving peak performance while safeguarding your immune health. Benicaros is easily applied to protein shakes like GutGo thanks to its free flowing properties, high (water) solubility and minimum to no impact on taste, texture and odor.

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