NutriLeads Expands Product Options for Benicaros

NutriLeads® today announced that Benicaros®, its clinically proven precision prebiotic and immune-training fiber for foods, beverages and dietary fibers, is now available in five product options to accommodate diverse customer formulation needs.

The expanded product lineup includes Benicaros with varying concentration levels of the active ingredient (Rhamnogalacturonan-I or RG-I) to allow for larger daily serving sizes. These variations in purity are also designed to meet European regulatory requirements and align with a wide range of application needs. Benicaros is a sustainable ingredient sourced from upcycled carrot pomace.

“We are thrilled to announce the debut of our diversified portfolio of Benicaros, which also enables us to bring some of these product options to the European market,” said Joana Carneiro, Ph.D., NutriLeads Chief Executive Officer. “This innovative, science-based precision prebiotic fiber enables manufacturers to deliver multiple health benefits to consumers who want to strengthen their gut and immune health.”

Clinical and preclinical research consistently demonstrate that Benicaros trains the innate immune system to respond smarter, faster and stronger. Benicaros also promotes the growth of beneficial bacterial species commonly found in the gut, such as Bifidobacterium spp. In turn, Benicaros significantly increases production of short-chain fatty acids (e.g., acetate, propionate and butyrate) that play a crucial role in cultivating a resilient gut ecosystem and supporting overall health. In vitro research has also shown significantly lower gas production – a normal byproduct of fiber fermentation – with Benicaros compared with conventional prebiotics.

Unlike conventional prebiotics, Benicaros has a complex molecular structure that enables precision targeting of specific beneficial gut microbes. Despite the unique composition of each person’s gut microbiota, research shows that Benicaros provides consistent, predictable benefits.

“All Benicaros product formats contain an efficacious serving of RG-I based on our clinical results,” said Dr. Carneiro. “Our powder, liquid and organic product forms and varying RG-I concentration levels offer formulation solutions for virtually any food, beverage or supplement application. In any form, Benicaros has an attractive formulation profile suitable for most foods, beverages and supplements.”