NutriLeads Expands Pacific-Asia Distribution

Agreements Signed with Pure Chemicals Co. Ltd., Thailand, and
PT. Verentia Inti Cipta Alami, Indonesia

NutriLeads BV has expanded distribution of its clinically proven precision prebiotic Benicaros® in Asia-Pacific through agreements with Pure Chemicals Co. Ltd., Bangkok, and Verentia Inti Cipta Alami (VICA) in Jakarta, the company announced today. NutriLeads has previously announced distribution agreements with Maxcare Inc. for Taiwan and Pathway International for Australia and New Zealand.

Benicaros is an award-winning, plant-based precision prebiotic that fortifies foods, beverages and dietary supplements with immune and gut health benefits. This clinically proven, highly soluble ingredient made from upcycled carrot pomace both trains the innate immune system to respond faster, smarter and stronger and selectively increases beneficial gut microorganisms and their metabolites that are crucial to resilient gut and overall health. Benicaros’ small daily serving size, as low as 300 mg., along with its significantly lower gas production compared to conventional prebiotics, opens up numerous opportunities for product innovation.

“We are pleased to make Benicaros available to more manufacturers and consumers in Asia,” said Joana Carneiro-Wakefield, Ph.D., NutriLeads Chief Executive Officer. “Strong partners like Pure Chemicals and VICA will help further establish Benicaros as a global branded ingredient for gut and immune health.”

PT. Verentia Inti Cipta Alami (VICA)

VICA is a reliable partner for pharmaceutical, food, beverage and dietary supplement ingredients in Indonesia. Since its inception in 2004, VICA has built close relationships with the country’s leading retail product manufacturers and formulators. The company provides a wide range of natural health solutions.

“The demand for natural ingredients in health and wellness products is soaring in Indonesia,” said Alfonsus Angky, Sales Manager Food Division, VICA. “Benicaros caters to this trend. VICA is excited to introduce BeniCaros, a sustainable and innovative product with a one-of-a-kind concept designed to support the body's natural defenses. In the post-pandemic era, Indonesians are prioritizing preventive healthcare and natural solutions for well-being.”

Pure Chemicals Co. Ltd.

Pure Chemicals has a strong reputation in Thailand as a leading global importer of functional food and supplement ingredients, as well as colors, flavors and fragrances. Founded in 1970, the company’s product formulation expertise makes it a trusted partner for food, beverage and dietary supplement companies.