Nutrileads Brings on a New US Representative to Expand Company Footprint across the US

May 30, 2022 – In an effort to continue to grow the company’s US footprint, NutriLeads announced today it has appointed Steve Meredith (General Manager of NutraHealth LLC) as a new US Representative for NutriLeads.  With over 20 years of experience selling specialty ingredients with clinically proven health benefits, Meredith will be a key asset in the company’s growth strategy. 

 “We are thrilled to bring on Steve; he brings a true passion for the industry, deep nutritional expertise, and a strong sales acumen. Steve’s addition to our team will greatly enable us to better cater to our US customers and the unique positioning that Benicaros® offers,” says Joana Carneiro, Chief Commercial Officer responsible for sales, marketing and new business development.  

Meredith’s early pharmaceutical industry experience consists of both Quality Control and Assurance experience across pharma and nutrition. Meredith’s later career history consists of over 20 years of experience selling branded specialty ingredients with demonstrated clinically proven health benefits for companies ranging from TSI Health Sciences, Biothera, PLT Health Solutions, and Gencor. Meredith spent over ten years as VP of Sales of North America for Biothera, representing the immune health ingredient, Wellmune. His background demonstrates a strong commitment to bringing efficacious ingredients to the market.  

Steve joins the NutriLeads team with a high degree of optimism for the company’s future. He is particularly excited about one of NutriLeads’ more recent developments; “After more than ten years of focusing on the immune health category via Wellmune, I have never been more excited about the potential of an ingredient than with Benicaros®. Benicaros® is an award-winning ingredient with strong clinically demonstrated immune benefits. This ingredient is naturally sourced from the cell wall of carrots and as such, Benicaros® is a leading example of plant-sourced ingredients with clinical benefits,” exclaims Meredith. 

Benicaros is a clean-label, natural, and clinically proven immune health ingredient that trains your immune system to be fit via a dual mode of action. Benicaros® is the commercial name for a unique polysaccharide (fiber), also known as cRG-I (rhamnogalacturonan-I upcycled from carrot pomace). A recently published breakthrough clinical trial demonstrated that Benicaros® improved immune response and resilience in a validated Rhinovirus respiratory infection model. It can easily be integrated into a variety of dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages without affecting taste or texture.