NutriLeads announces collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products

May 26th, 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Dutch nutritional health ingredients startup NutriLeads B.V. announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with DSM Nutritional Products for the further development of its lead ingredient.

Following the successful closure of a seed investment in October 2015, NutriLeads announces that it has initiated a collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products to speed up development and to scale up production of its leading ingredient, a proprietary novel polysaccharide to support immune function and increase resistance to infections. Immune support and resistance to infections and colds is a major health concern of consumers and patients alike and is the main category of supplements used by consumers of all ages.

Dr Ruud Albers, CEO of Nutrileads: “I am very pleased that we embark on this co-development with DSM Nutritional Products, a strong partner committed to innovation. The experience and scale of DSM Nutritional Products will help to bring the benefits of our proprietary ingredient faster to consumers and patients”.

Dr Rob Beudeker, VP Innovation Human Nutrition and Health at DSM: “We welcome this collaboration with NutriLeads. They own some interesting technology and we would like to help them bringing this to commercial fruition. Immunity benefits are very relevant for families all over the world.