LEHVOSS Nutrition to Distribute NutriLeads’ Precision Prebiotic Benicaros in EMEA Market

NutriLeads BV has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with the LEHVOSS group to represent Benicaros®, NutriLeads’ precision prebiotic, for immune and gut health, in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) markets, the company announced today.

Benicaros® is NutriLeads’ award-winning, upcycled, clinically proven precision prebiotic fiber ingredient for functional foods, beverages and supplements. According to research, Benicaros’ dual mode of action trains the innate immune system to respond faster, smarter and stronger. It also selectively increases beneficial gut microorganisms and their metabolites that are crucial to resilient gut and overall health.

“I’m confident that LEHVOSS’ extensive experience and network in the supplement and food industry, together with their strong commercial and technical professionalism will help us grow our presence and sales in the EMEA markets,” explained NutriLeads’ CEO, Joana Carneiro-Wakefield, Ph.D.

Regarding the new partnership, Ivan Pennington, Head of Nutrition for the LEHVOSS Group said “We are excited to represent Benicaros® in the EMEA market. This is a strong product supported by clinicals which will resonate with our innovative customer base.”

Talking about market trends and customer needs, Teresita Rudà, Head of Brands and Marketing at LEHVOSS Nutrition also added: “We are confident that our customers will find this ingredient very exciting, as Benicaros® is a plant-based, innovative solution in the immune-microbiome space with remarkable research showing impressive results in any type of gut ecosystem”.

About LEHVOSS Nutrition

LEHVOSS Nutrition is a business activity of the LEHVOSS Group, dedicated to the marketing and distribution of nutraceutical ingredients and minerals for Food Supplements, Functional Foods and Animal Health applications. The company specialises in scientifically proven and added-value ingredients manufactured by top worldwide companies and distributed by LEHVOSS subsidiaries throughout Europe. LEHVOSS group headquarters is based in Hamburg.