Collaboration between dsm-firmenich and NutriLeads to Explore Benicaros for Global Pet Food Market

NutriLeads BV today announced a strategic collaboration with dsm-firmenich to evaluate potential applications of its award-winning precision prebiotic, Benicaros®, to enhance the gut and immune health of pets. Pending the promising results from ongoing microbiome studies in dogs and cats, the companies plan to enter into an exclusive global partnership to develop and market products containing a pet food version of Benicaros.

The companies believe that clinically proven Benicaros also has strong potential to benefit the health and vitality of pets. NutriLeads has published multiple peer-reviewed studies demonstrating that Benicaros trains the human immune system to respond faster, smarter and stronger while selectively increasing beneficial gut microorganisms that are crucial to resilient gut and overall health.

Based on our previous research, we believe that Benicaros can be a ‘game-changing’ ingredient for pet parents as well as pet food and nutrition manufacturers.

“We see tremendous potential for Benicaros to optimize pet health and longevity by enhancing digestive and immune health,” said Joana Carneiro-Wakefield, Ph.D., NutriLeads Chief Executive Officer. “Based on our previous research, we believe that Benicaros can be a ‘game-changing’ ingredient for pet parents as well as pet food and nutrition manufacturers.”

“The global pet food market is expected to reach $175 billion in annual sales by 2027,” said Pierre-Alain Ceralli, Senior Vice President Petfood Business with dsm-firmenich. “A key growth driver is an increased demand for healthier ingredients that are science-based, human-grade, vegetarian and sustainable. Benicaros aligns perfectly with this industry trend and complements perfectly dsm-firmenich’s science-based and consumer-focused microbiome offering for the petfood industry.”

Benicaros is a 100% natural prebiotic fiber from upcycled carrot pomace, a byproduct of carrot juicing. Multiple human studies demonstrate that Benicaros consistently increases beneficial gut bacteria, including Bifidobacterium species (mainly B. adolescentis and B. longum), which are also common in the gut microbiome of dogs and cats. Benicaros significantly increases production of short chain fatty acids (acetate, propionate and butyrate) that support gut barrier function, immune health, and energy metabolism. Benicaros also enhances the responses of innate immune cells when presented with a challenge.

The animal studies with Benicaros that NutriLeads and dsm-firmenich are conducting are expected to be completed later this year. The results will guide the companies’ next steps.

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