Who we are

NutriLeads is a science-based company that develops and supplies award-winning, plant-based, precision prebiotic fibers that are clinically proven to promote human health. We work with dietary supplement and functional food and -beverage manufacturers to create innovative product offerings that meet todays and tomorrow’s consumer health needs and help create a healthier world, naturally.

Meet the team

What we do
NutriLeads helps dietary supplement, functional food, and beverage manufacturers create innovative products through Upcycled, science-based and low dose prebiotics that provide multiple health benefits. Ultimately, we help consumers live healthier, happier lives.

What sets us apart
Our plant-based, low dose precision prebiotic fibers have a unique structure that robustly and consistently grows beneficial gut bacterial species essential for overall health and wellness, despite existing differences in individual gut microbiome composition. Benicaros is also clinically proven to train the innate immune system to respond faster, smarter and stronger at a daily serving size of as low as 300 mg.

Our mission is to help revolutionize the gut microbiome and immune health product market by delivering ground-breaking precision prebiotic fibers. We do this by unlocking the power of plants and partnering with our customers, so that they can offer innovative and differentiating products that promote various aspects of health and well being through the gut microbiome in a natural way.

Our vision is to enable better health through the gut, naturally.

Since its introduction in 2022, Benicaros has won several industry awards.