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Stem and Root and Nutrileads Announce Launch of Daily Immunity for Optimized Immune Function Powered by BeniCaros for Ground Breaking Immunity Support

March 15, 2022 – Stem & Root, a product line developed by Bayer, and NutriLeads, a natural health ingredients company announced today the launch of a new and innovative immune product called Daily Immunity featuring the award-winning ingredient, BeniCarosTM. Stem & Root Daily Immunity is substantiated by breakthrough clinical trials, tying BeniCarosTM, and zinc – a unique natural blend to support a healthy immune function.

“Everything we do is to create products that fill a consumer need. Consumers are being more proactive with their health especially when it comes to immunity, said Kyle Garner, General Manager of Stem & Root. Our product line of all natural products, Stem & Root, delivers the power of nature that is backed by science. Daily Immunity rounds out our lineup of products, supported by over 100 clinical trials that provide daily support for your immune system,” Garner added.

BeniCaros™ is an award-winning, natural, plant-based, clean-label immune ingredient with clinically proven health benefits. It is a carrot-derived rhamnogalacturonan-I (cRG-I), a soluble polysaccharide, unlocked from the carrot cell wall through Nutrileads’ proprietary extraction process. BeniCaros™ supports your immune system to be at its best when needed the most.

“We are proud to collaborate with Stem & Root, a natural product line of Bayer. Bayer is a company that sets the bar in terms of the supplement industry’s highest standards with products that contain scientifically substantiated ingredients” said Erik Dam, CEO of NutriLeads. “We are thrilled that our BeniCaros™ will now be available to consumers in Stem & Root Daily Immunity to train their immune system to be fit all year round.” Dam said.

Stem & Root Daily Immunity is now available on Amazon in the US along with other best sellers from the brand.