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NutriLeads’ BeniCaros Strengthens Healthy Gut Microbiota, Study Shows

An ex vivo study has demonstrated that BeniCaros®, an upcycled soluble carrot fiber from NutriLeads BV, has the right level of structural complexity to produce consistent, significant and beneficial effects on the gut microbiota despite differences in individual microbiota composition. This unique precision prebiotic robustly

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Well Traveled Launches Immune Support Supplement with BeniCaros®

NutriLeads’ prebiotic carrot fiber helps power convenient, science-based solution for travelers Well Traveled Health Inc. has launched Immune Activator dietary supplement with BeniCaros® from NutriLeads BV to help consumers stay well amid the stress and toll that travel takes on diet, sleep, hydration, personal routines

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Upcoming Events

18 - 19 April 2023

SupplySide East


Attending: Joana Carneiro, Steve Meredith


7 - 11 March 2023

Natural Products Expo West


Attending: Steve Meredith


2 – 3 November 2022

SupplySide West 2022

Las Vegas

Attending: Joana Carneiro, Ruud Albers, Steve Meredith, Annette van Nieuwkoop


29 September 2022

Webinar “The impact of immune health in the post-pandemic environment and understanding the shift in consumer behavior”

Organised by FMCG Gurus and Nutrileads

Presenting: Ruud Albers



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Spotlight: NutriLeads on health nutrition

Erik Dam, CEO at NutriLeads, highlights how they are developing crop-derived food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits.