NutriLeads receives an ‘innovatie voucher’ of the European Regional Development Fund to support a Proof of Concept trial in human volunteers

June 13th, 2016. Brief summary of the supported project’ PoC trial’ (PROJ-00535): Nutrileads BV identifies and develops innovative food ingredients that have a positive health effect. Its lead ingredient IMPP-1 supports immune function and increases resistance to common infections. In this project, IMPP-1 obtained from a food crop is tested in a proof of concept study in human volunteers to determine tolerability and effectiveness. This is an important step in the further development of IMPP-1 as health promoting ingredient for application in dietary supplements, medical and functional foods


NutriLeads announces collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products

May 26th, 2016, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Dutch nutritional health ingredients startup NutriLeads B.V. announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with DSM Nutritional Products for the further development of its lead ingredient.

Following the successful closure of a seed investment in October 2015, NutriLeads announces that it has initiated a collaboration with DSM Nutritional Products to speed up development and to scale up production of its leading ingredient, a proprietary novel polysaccharide to support immune function and increase resistance to infections. Immune support and resistance to infections and colds is a major health concern of consumers and patients alike and is the main category of supplements used by consumers of all ages.

Dr Ruud Albers, CEO of Nutrileads: “I am very pleased that we embark on this co-development with DSM Nutritional Products, a strong partner committed to innovation. The experience and scale of DSM Nutritional Products will help to bring the benefits of our proprietary ingredient faster to consumers and patients”.

Dr Rob Beudeker, VP Innovation Human Nutrition and Health at DSM: “We welcome this collaboration with NutriLeads. They own some interesting technology and we would like to help them bringing this to commercial fruition. Immunity benefits are very relevant for families all over the world.


NutriLeads closes seed financing round

November 18th, 2015, Wageningen, The Netherlands

Dutch nutritional health ingredients startup NUTRILEADS B.V. today announces the successful closure of a seed financing round with an investment syndicate comprising DSM VENTURING, PPM OOST, SHIFT INVEST and THUJA CAPITAL.

NUTRILEADS develops nutritional ingredients for application in health-promoting food products. The company was founded in December 2011 based on an invention initially made at Unilever. In 2013, NutriLeads, together with NIZO Food Research, obtained a grant from the top-sector Agri & Food to start the preclinical development of its lead in gredient.

This seed investment enables us to accelerate development and to move our lead ingredient to clinical testing. This is a major step in achieving our ambition to partner with ingredient suppliers and food companies to bring the benefits of our health ingredients to patients and consumers” indicates Ruud Albers, PhD, former Nutrition and Health R&D director at Unilever and CEO of NutriLeads.

NutriLeads’ lead ingredient is derived from a traditional herbal remedy, which was shown in clinical trials to support immune function and to improve resistance to infections. It was discovered that the active component can be sustain ably sourced from food crops. NutriLeads develops this proprietary ingredient as dietary supplement and for application in specialized functional and medical food products.

Erik Dam, former VP at Danone Advanced Medical Nutrition and CBO of NutriLeads emphasizes: “The consortium of investors is carefully composed to support NutriLeads through its next development stages and it provides highly relevant and complementary expertise and networks”.

Michel Briejer, PhD, from THUJA CAPITAL, lead investor of the syndicate, indicates that “NutriLeads combines experienced management and deep knowledge with interesting assets initially identified at Unilever. We have recognized this as an exciting opportunity to create value for both patients/consumers as well as investors“.

Marius Prins, CEO of PPM Oost, who is also very pleased with the investment in NutriLeads, states: “Significant value creation by bringing the benefits of health ingredients to patients and consumers is highly relevant to our fund Innovatie-en Energiefonds Gelderland (IEG). In addition, this strategic investment further strengthens the ecosystem of Wageningen UR and the Campus Development”.


NutriLeads presents at Foodvalley expo 2015

October 12th, 2015

Ruud Albers, CEO of NutriLeads, will give a presentation at the Science2Business event at the Foodvalley expo 2015 in Wageningen on Monday October 12th 2015. The presentation titled ‘IMPP-1, a plant fiber that modulates immune function’ will be held in session 2: GI functioning in animal and human health.


Erik Dam joins the management team of NutriLeads

August 31st, 2015

NutriLeads announces that Erik Dam will join its management team as Chief Business Officer. With his experience in pharma and (medical) foods including VP roles at Baxter and Danone, Erik brings critical experience in strategy, marketing, sales, finance and general management to the company. Ruud Albers, former R&D director at Unilever and CEO of NutriLeads, indicates “over the past months we found our expertise, networks and personalities to be complementary. I am honored by his confidence in the company and I am very pleased to welcome Erik on board of NutriLeads. With his experience NutriLeads is well positioned for the next phase of its development”.

Read Erik’s profile


NutriLeads and NIZO food research obtain a grant from the top sector AgriFoods

December 12th, 2013

NutriLeads together with NIZO food research obtained a grant from the Dutch Topsector AgriFood. The Food and Nutrition Delta grants aim to stimulate collaboration between innovative SMEs in the Agro Food sector. The awarded proposal FNDM130003 “Development of a new bioactive from food crops (IMPP-1) into innovative medical foods for malnourished immune-compromised patients” rated 2nd out of 68 applications. This specific project will support NutriLeads and NIZO food research to further optimize the production process of IMPP-1 and to test its effectiveness in a range of preclinical models.


NutriLeads participates with strong international team in venture challenge

Fall 2013

NutriLeads participated in the fall 2013 edition of the Venture challenge with a strong multinational team comprising of Agnès Méheust , Annick Mercenier, Nicolas Rachinel, Jerry Wells and Ruud Albers. During the intense working sessions the team focused the initial business idea to create optimal customer value, refined the various presentations and had the opportunity to pitch for investors.

The Venture challenge & their legacy.