Self-affirmed General Recognition of Safety for Xtramune™

NutriLeads has received positive feedback from an independent panel of experts that assessed the safety of its unique carrot-derived fiber that is specifically enriched for the rhamnogalacturonan-I pectin fraction, branded Xtramune™. It is NutriLeads’ first health ingredient planned for commercialization.

The expertpanel concluded that the dossier, which reviews and summarizes all the available scientific evidence on manufacturing, uses and toxicology, clearly demonstrates the safety of the ingredient. They, therefore, supported the intended use in the proposed food categories. This is an important milestone as it enables NutriLeads to market Xtramune™ in the USA.

Richard Lane, Ph.D. from Lane Toxicology Consulting, who prepared the dossier on behalf of NutriLeads, indicates: “NutriLeads made a great effort to substantiate the stability and safety of their first food ingredient. It has been a pleasure to prepare the dossier and to organize the expert panel review for them.”

Earlier this year, NutriLeads submitted a Novel Foods dossier to EFSA in order to prepare for market access in Europe and is awaiting feedback and questions from the agency.


NutriLeads attracts Series B funding to launch its innovative immune-enhancing ingredient, Xtramune™, and to progress its portfolio of health ingredients

3 September, 2020

Dutch Health Ingredients company, NUTRILEADS BV, announces the closing of a Series B financing round of 6.5 m€, led by ICOS CAPITAL together with GOEIE-GRUTTEN and existing shareholders DSM VENTURING, OOST NL, SHIFT INVEST and THUJA.

NutriLeads, established in 2012, develops innovative natural food ingredients with clinically proven health benefits for application in dietary supplements and functional foods. Its proprietary lead ingredient, XtramuneTM, is a unique carrot-derived fibre supporting immune function and resistance to respiratory infections.

This series B funding round marks a new phase for the company. Together with global partners in the food and supplement industry, NutriLeads will be driving XtramuneTM towards commercialization in 2021. In addition, two other ingredients from its portfolio, targeting gut health and metabolic health, will be progressed to proof of concept in humans.

Ruud Albers, CEO of NutriLeads indicates: “We are very excited about this successful funding round which helps to propel NutriLeads forward. People can strengthen their health with nutrition. It is our ambition to unlock the potential of clinically proven food ingredients and this funding round supports that mission. It is great to see that all our investors are committed to this shared goal.”

Nityen Lal, Managing Director of ICOS Capital Management BV: “Health ingredients are sought-after by food companies and their consumers. NutriLeads has impressed us by its professionalism, the quality of the work done and their network in the industry. We are confident that this is a worthwhile investment both for our LPs as well as for the consumers who will benefit from the health ingredients to be marketed.”


Sweet Crosstalk project started

Nutrileads is a partner in the Sweet Crosstalk, a multidisciplinary European Innovative Training Network built to address the challenge at a molecular level how glycans are involved at the human mucosa microbiota interface, and how this correlates with human well-being. In the network the expertise ranges from chemical synthesis, biochemistry, structural biology to microbiology and cell biology.

Early 2020 Krishna Desai started in the PhD-position to unravel the structure-function of pectin derived polysaccharides by studying the interaction of purified and modified variants with the host immune system and their impact on the human gut microbiota. Nutrileads collaborates in this with partners at Utrecht University, University of Helsinki and the Quadram Institute.